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 Peer Mentoring Program
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Student Peer Mentoring Program!
The K2K Foundation has started the Student Peer Mentoring Program
at Southampton Intermediate School (S.I.S) in October 2010.
The program included some of the K2K Ambassadors as well.

What is a Peer Mentor?
The K2K Peer Mentoring Program allows student tutors to (mentor)
other students (mentees) that are younger or possibly at the same
grade level. The student mentor teaches in a specific subject area
of his/her expertise such as Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA,
homework support, organizational skills, and study review.

Tutors provide one-to-one tutoring to students that need extra attention, may not have a good support system available to them, a study partner, and a confidant, plus much more.
All Student Mentors will receive community service hours and an extraordinary opportunity to teach their peer for one full year.

What’s a Student Peer Mentor you will earn a lasting friendship 
that could possibility last a lifetime.
Click to Here to see posters made by S.I.S students 
for the KtK Peer Mentoring Program. Gallery1.htmlGallery1.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1