Many are being affected in different ways due to the current economics of our society. 
A child's education should not suffer.  Education is one of the very important skill sets a kid needs to overcome. 
With all that is going on in the economy of our society, we must work together to see a brighter future for all kids.
We have researched the average cost of mandatory school supplies for one child, and the cost varies.  
On average a parent can spend $50 - $75 on school supplies, for one child, beginning the fall school semester.
This does not include the re-purchase of supplies during the school year.
Your Support Is Needed

 Your donation will purchase school and art supplies and will be distributed to students,
or if you prefer to send supplies to us, see needed items below.
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All donations big or small will help tremendously. 
Thank you for being a blessing to others in need.
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Items Needed
Art Supplies
Paper and Notebook Supplies
Everyday Supplies
3-5 Subject Area notebooks,
Single Subject Notebooks, 
Reinforcers (self-adhesive for torn pages),
Loose Leaf Paper,
Post-it Notes,
Tab Dividers,
Portfolio Folders,
*1", 2", 3" Binders or Organizer Binders
Educational Materials
“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”.
Informational books (geography, animals, sciences/marine biology, arts, sports, foods, cultures, etc.) for ages 3-15,

Workbook review for math and reading comprehension (ages 5-15), 

Review books for spelling and grammar (ages 5-15)
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Art Paper, 
Construction Paper, 
Tissue Paper, 
Coloring Books, 
Sketch Pads or Sketch Notebooks
Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
Paintbrushes (various sizes),
Tempera Paint 
Washable Watercolors, 
Finger Paint,
Art Easels, 
Craft Project Sets
Smocks (various sizes),
Glue Sticks,
Supply Boxes
Backpacks (varying sizes ages 3-15),
Dictionaries / Thesauruses, 
Pencil Sharpeners (non-electric),
Highlighters (varying colors),
Scotch Tape,
Mini Staplers,
Clip Boards,
Dry Boards & Markers,
Index Card Boxes,
Index Cards (different sizes)
Kid 2 Kid  Contributions
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