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Everlette Taylor
President / Executive Director
“I Have to Make A Difference.”
One of my dreams was to figure out how I could help other children.
This is how I established the Kid-too-Kid Foundation, which can help to meet the 
needs of under privileged children on Long Island, Nationally and Internationally.

One of my goals was to teach other children how to help other children in need. 
I would like to accomplish this outcome by meeting and speaking with children in other schools and organizations and to have them come up with creative ideas to support each other, especially to those children who need the most assistance. I want to reach out and touch as many lives as I can and truly begin to meet the needs of those who are most in distress from Long Island and across the nation.

Kid-too-Kid Foundation, Inc., believes that children need the required tools to make a child's learning experience a positive and rewarding one.  When you send children to school at the beginning of the year and mid-year with new school supplies, it relays a message that school is important and it imparts a sense of pride in the process and ultimately, themselves as purposeful learners and achievers.
~William Taylor Reddick
Founder and CEO of Kid-too- Kid Foundation, Inc.
“Kid-Too-Kid” Foundation, Inc. Board Members
“Kid Too Kid” Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization established since 2009
Tax ID number:  94-358531
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Everlette has over 7 years of experience working with 
youth oriented not-for-profit programs. 

Everlette’s son is the Founder of Kid 2 Kid Foundation, Inc. which has allowed her the opportunity to serve in such a capacity that she loves.

Everlette is a certified elementary and reading teacher. 
Prior to K2K Foundation, Inc. she has taught privately at 
local schools on Long Island. She is a Kappa Delta Psi alumni.

Everlette also serves on the board of directors.
helping others etc. I am an open book to everyone and am all around nice and placid guy who does not allow the evils of society drag me down. 

I have major goals in life, and one of them is using the same smart plans that J.D. Rockefeller used for his business. I want to start world leading businesses that deal with the real estate, fashion, and non-profit industries. 

I know that when my goals come true, I made a promise to myself that no matter how busy I may be, I will make time to give back to the K2K Foundation. If it was not for this organization, I feel like I 
would of been the ordinary high school student who is just walking around the hallways clueless of what he wants to do or truly realizing the importance of making a difference in the world.
I am currently a junior at Southampton 
High School. I have been blessed to work for 
such an awesome organization that I have
been placed as the assistant director of the 
K2K Foundation. "Big Deal, right!"
I've learned from this experience that you are 
never too young or too old and that it is never to late to start something that will make a difference within your society.

I enjoy mostly any activity that a teenager likes, 
for example, riding bikes to the beach and around Southampton town, jogging, exercising,
having good times with friends, meditation,
Carlos Rodriguez
Assistant Program Director
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